The Man Cave Men

Every Friday the guys meet at Marshall's house for a roundtable of observations, complaints and eventually getting stoned.  

Sometimes the "bitchin'" gets in the way of the "recreation".


A renowned television chef hits a "creative block" until his older "slacker" brother moves in to his Hollywood estate.


When a new media mogul buys a grocery store gossip tabloid, the old dogs have to learn new tricks as SOCIAL MEDIA knocks at the door.

Franklin and Company

Seems like Benjamin Franklin cannot retire, no matter WHAT?

The Bike Dick (Screenplay & Pilot)

After 9/11, Marty wants to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  So he decides to become a private investigator and do what the police can't...

Mac and Cheez Save the World - Feature

When a shipment of cocaine starts turning its users into giant bats, it's up to a couple of old childhood friends, Mac and Cheez, to stop them!