The Road to Now

Audio Visual Specialist

A member of the broadcast and audio visual industry for over thirty years, Marshall can make your event a successful one.  

Whether the Stage Manager, Technical Director or Show Graphics, Marshall treats every project like it is the ONLY project.  Every client needs to know that their interest and the success of the show is his front and foremost thought.

Technical Meets Creative

A member of Screen Actors' Guild and Actors' Equity Union, Marshall has made the stage his life whether on it or behind the scenes.  

Every project needs an objective creative eye that knows the technical limitations and requirements of the show.  A life time in the theatre has given Marshall exactly that, the experience to confidently explain  why, or why not, something is happening.

Professional Actor and Director

Touring bus and truck musicals as a child and teenager; regional and dinner theatre in his twenties, improv and Chicago Equity projects, both acting and directing  in his thirties, and the last twenty three years operating as Crawford Media.

In my fifties now, I welcome the opportunity to share my creativity, my craft, my art with you.


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